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Liceo Classico e Linguistico Statale Aristofane

Italian pupils from Liceo Aristofane selected a number of photos taken in Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari in Rome.

The museum displays many types of objects belonging to folk culture, in the following sections: transportation, agricultural work, herding and domestication, hunting, the sea, artisans and their crafts, trades and tradespeople, housing, daily activities, our daily bread, the life cycle, magic and healing, feasting, the place of the sacred, the place of the profane, the sound of tradition, games and public shows, dress and ornamentation.

The aim of this selection here below is to show a wide range of examples of folk cultural heritage. They belong to the categories of either material or immaterial heritage, since some of the items exhibited, above all musical instruments, need to be used or played to fulfil their purpose.

Moreover, these illustrations are meant to demonstrate the variety and significance of folk culture to our cultural heritage. 

In the museum we are now working in search of records, both visual and audio, of old folk songs and instrumental music, in order to create sound registrations that will offer the visitors a better understanding of the musical section.

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Team of students of Liceo Aristofane


Accordions, Fisarmoniche

Ilaria Pasqualoni, 17

Cantastorie 2

scena dipinta per cantastorie 2
Ilaria Pasqualoni, 17

Insegne in ferro

insegne in ferro
Ilaria Pasqualoni, 17

Organetto / Button Accordion

Arianna Randellini, 16

Chitarra Battente

chitarra battente
Arianna Randellini, 16

Folk guitar, detail

chitarra battente, particolare
Arianna Randellini, 16

Carretto da vino

carretto da vino con copertura retrattile
Arianna Randellini, 16

Carretti dipinti

carretti dipinti
Arianna Randellini, 16

laces and textiles

merletti e tessuti
Arianna Randellini, 16