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Where the Past meets the future

There is a box in your house, somewhere, with some personal objects. Maybe there is a medal from a sport tournament you took part in. Maybe it’s a picture of your grandmother. Maybe it’s an old school diary.

There is a folder on your computer – or in the cloud – where you have saved something you wrote to somebody you loved. Maybe an old school assignment you were proud of.

These boxes and folders we keep. Why do we do this? Do we wish to preserve, protect and pass on?

Things on their own have no value. People give value to things, because of the meanings things can carry, present and remind us of. This individual and collective journey to find meaning and to communicate values is where the past meets
the future.

This exhibition takes us on this journey through different parts of Europe. It takes us to big cities and to forests. It takes us back to big historical events like wars, persecution and struggles for freedom. It also takes us back to traditions from the past which we still find in our lives through personal experiences, like festivals and religious celebrations.

Heritage, here viewed and presented by youth from the 21st century, is a rich mental space which connects us all.

All these pictures remind us that everything around us can give us meaning, as it is cultural and natural heritage. Please go and explore!

Jonathan Even-Zohar, Euroclio Ambassador